Get Ready in 5 Minutes with these FIVE Essential Pieces You Need In Your Closet

If you are anything like me you don’t have a lot of time to mess around trying to decide what to wear!

Hit the snooze button too many times? Last minute errands pop up? Need to pick up your kids last minute?

Here are the FIVE must have closet essentials that will have you looking good and ready in 5 minutes flat!

Comfy and Cute pair of Skinny Jeans

28804 judy blue patch detail jean duo.jpg

First things first…..throw on your favourite comfy and cute skinny jeans!!

Camisole or Tank Top

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 9.56.41 AM.pngScreen Shot 2018-10-04 at 9.57.21 AM.png

Details aren’t critical here…..can be solid, print, graphic! A cute tank that you love to wear is a must!

Simple Cardigan

29177 3.png

A solid neutral coloured cardigan can go a long way in your wardrobe and best of all it is a timeless piece that you will reach for year after year!

Cute Booties

tobin-45 next step bootie tan 3.jpg

Heel or not…..a cute pair of booties will take your five minute outfit from a 6 to a 10!


28934 lead the way necklace 1.jpg

It is the icing on the cake, takes a second to put on, and pulls the entire look together!


Save your precious time with these five essential items and make them think you spent hours planning your outfit!



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I Quit

I quit procrastinating on getting back to blogging that is!


Argh, I have missed this so much. I had full intentions of keeping up on my bloggin’ through our big move across the province but that didn’t happen. I put a lot of pressure and expectations on myself so I’m not going to lie I am disappointed  in myself for not following through.

I was, however, not expecting the mental and emotional overwhelm but it slowly crept in and something had to give. I am quite easily overwhelmed, something I need to work on. I am a keep it simple kind of girl so I am always looking for that fine balance of working towards by goals and not biting off more than I can chew.

But I have so much I want to share from my experiences with my business, being a wife, a mother and a goal chaser…..always working to be just a little bit better than I was yesterday.

Just like when I started the blog earlier this year, my hopes in sharing my story and journey will offer my readers a little inspiration mixed in with a little humour, some tears, and hopefully a little bit of entertainment {at my expense of course}.

Catching Up

We are now partially settled into our new home. We really love it here. The community has been very welcoming and hospitable….a true small prairie town!

I say we are partially settled because errr we still have a room full of things to unpack, a trailer FULL of things to unpack, and at least one more trailer load left to haul from our farm.

This has been an enormous change for us but one thing that is fantastic is that we have been blessed to have found an acreage that offers us that same “farm” life we had before.  Minus the cows of course, but it gives us the opportunity to get back into them in the future if we want!

I do miss the rolling hills of home but the view from our new home is still pretty great!IMG_3158.JPG.jpeg


One last change or rather addition.


Meet Goldie! She is the new queen of our castle and is such a doll. A smarty pants, she was housebroke in a week! Her favourite past times are dive bombing dandelions and spreading the seeds everywhere and playing in puddles and getting covered in mud.

I hope you enjoy pursuing my blog, if this is the first visit feel free to take some time to catch up on some of my older posts and join me back here tomorrow for more!




How I Get Shit Done – Time Blocking

I have hesitated to share this for awhile now as I am honestly embarrassed by it.

Which is completely illogical. I think it is because most people don’t do this so I am worried you will think I am super weird. But yesterday I said a moose was my spirit animal so I feel like we have already crossed the weird line anyway, haha.

Calendar blocking is the buzz word but I essentially call it a schedule. And it is my saving grace and how I get shit done. Period.

Call me weird. Judge me. Say it isn’t possible.

But I promise you, if there is a pro tip of all pro tips this is the one. If you have goals and if you want to be successful… anything, you should probably be doing some form of time blocking.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day and I see 99% of people do two things with those 24 hours…

  1. Waste it because they don’t have a schedule to keep them focused
  2. Want to do too much and over commit themselves because they don’t have a schedule and don’t realize it is IMPOSSIBLE to fit everything into it

Often we do both of those things at the same time. We over commit ourselves and want to do too much yet we don’t take advantage of the time we have and we waste it.

Time is by far our biggest asset.

I have “time blocked” for just over a year, so I would consider myself a rookie still. However, it has been the biggest life changer. Not only does it keep me focused and on track and I know what I need to get done on a daily basis. I also realized I wanted to do way, way more than my 24 hours a day 7 days a week could possibly fit.

Which is why I wasn’t getting anywhere with any of my goals.

So what did I do? I had to take some things out of my life to make way for the things that were a higher priority. It wasn’t easy, some of those things I really enjoyed doing but after making my schedule I realized they were getting in the way of the BIG things I wanted to do.

Well it was either that or never sleep. And I NEED my solid 7-8 hours of sleep.

You have to make sacrifices in order to reach your biggest goals.

Here is what part of my current time blocked schedule looks like……

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 5.20.45 AM.png

Yes….I literally put EVERYTHING in it from wake up to bed time.

It is also never set in stone. You have to move with the ebbs and flows of life…..and I am a Mom so things can change at a rapid pace. I am flexible with my schedule and the best part is, by using the calendar on my computer I can move my time blocks around to make everything work!

I review my schedule quick before I go to bed and again in the morning and obviously I reference it all day.

No, a day very rarely ever goes perfectly with the schedule but it most certainly keeps me on track and keeps me focused and at the end of the day if I ran out of time for something I move it into another spot on the schedule so I can still get it done.

As time goes on my goals change, my business changes, my personal life changes and so does my schedule. I am constantly tweaking it. And it 100% works for me.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your life I dare you to try this! If you already time block/schedule your life I would love to hear from you in the comments….

Have an amazing and productive day!



My Spirit Animal is a Moose!

Do you believe in spirit animals?

This may very well be when I lose you and you think I am absolutely crazy, haha!


I have, since I was quite young, noticed that from time to time certain animals would show up in my life in what seemed to be odd coincidental spurts. It wasn’t until the internet and google was born that I made the connection of them possibly being spirit animals.

If you think I’ve lost my marbles…….sorry, bare with me!!

Obviously, living on a farm I am surrounded by animals all the time so it is kind of hard to explain when you know a “spirit animal” has came into your life. It’s just a gut feeling you have. It maybe happens to me once or twice a year but lately it has been quite a long time since I have noticed anything.

Until yesterday!

I was driving home from Moosomin (which makes this even more ironic) and about 40 minutes into my drive a moose and her calf nearly ran out in front of me on the road. Okay, it is definitely not everyday I see a moose but I didn’t think anything of it because I am after all in moose country! Smack between Moosomin and Moose Mountain Provincial Park, ya, I am pretty sure they have a moose or two around there!

I continued on with my day not giving it another thought.

Later that evening Liam had a ball game in another town and on the way home, about 15 minutes from our house we come over a hill and standing just off the road are……you guessed it. TWO freaking moose.


Random picture for attention! I definitely did not have time while driving to snap pics of the actual moose I seen!

Okay, I don’t get out as much as I would like but I have travelled a fair bit across our great nation and NEVER have I seen FOUR freaking moose in one day. And yes we do have the odd moose around where we live…..but it is pretty rare to see them!

Like I said, you may think I am crazy but I dare you to google the symbolism sometime if you have a hunch a certain animal is showing up more frequently in your life than normal and see what it says! They might be sending you a message!

My mom actually has a spirit animal book and this is what it says for the moose as a spirit animal……

“You can feel proud of your recent accomplishment and share it enthusiastically with others, not to be boastful or competitive, but for the simple joy of sharing.

It’s important to encourage others with their dreams and visions.

You have the strength and ability to endure this emotionally turbulent period.

Others will soon be looking to you for direction, inspiration, and guidance.

This is a time to explore new depth of awareness and be prepared for increasing sensitivities.”

Ya that pretty much sums me up to a tee!

So wether you believe in it or not or think I am an absolute loony, haha, I challenge you to keep your eyes and heart open to it, you just never know!

{I will update this with the name of the book I quoted once the hour is more reasonable to text and ask my Mom….or better yet, Mom, when you read this want to text me the name of the book, haha}

I promise you this is as weird as I get and if you have made it this far double thumbs up for you!

I would love to know if you have had a “spirit animal” in your life lately and was the meaning significant to you?

Have an amazing day!



Thoughts on the Road

I had a whole lot of time to myself today while driving home.

Just me and my thoughts……that could seriously get me in trouble, haha!

The main thing on my mind is how the hell I am going to get everything I need to get done by myself in the next five to seven weeks.

And yes, I won’t be afraid to ask for help. You can’t be afraid to lean into those that are willing and able to help.

But I couldn’t help but also think of the crazy roller coaster that has brought us to where we are now and how much everything that happens to us is just building us up for something bigger and better.

You just have to see it as opportunity and grab it by the horns!

My husband HATES it when I use the “everything happens for a reason sign” but I think he just might be turning into a believer.


He has had a lot of shitty hands dealt to him, as many people have (it’s good to know you are not alone) and at the time the “everything for a reason” line is the last thing you want to hear.

But you know what. If you are able to stay thankful and stay positive the light will eventually shine and you will realize that everything that happens to you sets you up for something bigger and something better.

At the time of darkness it is hard to see the big picture but you have to believe there is something better on the other side. You also have to choose to not wallow in pain and self pity and keep pushing and fighting through it or you could very well miss that opportunity.


You are exactly where you are supposed to be.