Spring 2017 Style Forecast

Spring has officially sprung according to the calendar and thankfully we have been getting a taste of that fabulous warmer weather which reminds me of this meme I seen the other day…..

march22 2017 fb3

Just change the 45 degrees to 10 degrees and it is 100% appropriate for us in Canada! Isn’t it funny how quickly we adjust and adapt to our changing seasons?

With the warmer weather also comes the anticipation of switching out our heavy winter coats and chunky knits with lighter spring options!

Don’t get caught in the “heat” of the changing seasons……I am here to highlight the hottest trends of Spring 2017 over the next couple weeks so you will be style wise and ready to go!

Spring 2017’s Hottest Colours

I am always excited to check out Pantone’s colour forecasts for each season and how the colours pop up in the newest fashions.

March10 2017 FB2.jpg

I have noticed “Pale Dogwood” popping up all over the fashion world and I think the biggest reason is because it works so well with all skin tones!23144 pretty blooms baseball tee blush.jpg

Pretty Blooms Baseball Tee

“Kale” is a timeless classic colour that we are excited to see carried into Spring 2017!

20464 top of class cardigan in olive 1.jpg

Top Of Class Cardigan

Bell Sleeves & Ruffles

Light and flowing just seems to feel right after a cold winter and wearing heavy, warm fabrics. Subtle bell sleeve and ruffles are adding a nice touch of femininity and whimsy this spring!

23687 just for frills ash purple 1.jpg

Just For Frills Top

Distressed Jeans

Oh ya, I am above excited that distressed jeans are still holding strong as a hot trend, they are a personal favourite of mine! Pair them with a classic top and flats or wedges for a perfect casual chic look.

W93629SSX449 Suki Slim Boot duo.jpg

Silver Suki Slim Boot Cut Jeans

Stay tuned on the blog next week as I complete my Spring 2017 Fashion Forecast!

Dusty Road; the store

I wish I still had the business plan I created for my Entrepreneurship class in high school, or at the very least I wish I could remember what name I had conjured up for it. Just to compare any similarities or perhaps to see how far out to lunch I was………I was (and still am) a big dreamer!

I started using the name Dusty Road when I first started delving into portrait photography but quickly dropped it for Kimberley Eklund Photography with advice from a mentor. I still loved the name though, probably because I actually live down a dusty gravel road myself!

The Dusty Road to me means rustic, country, and nostalgia…….which is also my vision for my store. It is a natural fit.

The Dusty Road ~ western wear, art, & gifts

My dusty road!

Aside from carrying the popular western apparel brands (and some non traditional brands as well), the Dusty Road will be a place to find quality products curated locally or as close to local as possible allowing visitors to find both special pieces for themselves and meaningful gifts for others.

My hope is to also create a place where visitors feel like hanging around for awhile, think good old fashioned, down-home hospitality.

Over the next 5 months and beyond I will continue to share some more of the behind the scenes……..ideas, inspiration, projects, and even some of the #fails! I would love to hear from you too. Your ideas, opinions, and thoughts…don’t be afraid to share them.

~ Kimberley

A Dream

So, since my exciting announcement about my new store opening in January 2014 I think it is appropriate to make a little shift in focus on this here blog!

If this is the first time you happen to be visiting The Dusty Road Blog, thanks for stopping by! My name is Kimberley, I would love for you to join me on my new adventure!

Kimberley Eklund

A love for the western lifestyle runs deep in my veins. I grew up on a mixed farm with both grain and livestock and I always had at least two or three horses to ride. I spent many years in 4-H showing cattle and horses and I was a competitive barrel racer traveling all over to rodeos. To this day I still raise cattle, ride and train horses, and just recently started barrel racing again. It is without a doubt a life I wouldn’t trade for anything (although a warmer climate in the winter would be much appreciated by me!).

I have had a dream that I pretty much kept secret since I was in high school…..that dream was to own my own western wear & tack store. I even created a business plan for it as part of an assignment for an Entrepreneurship class in grade 12. Throughout the following years I hadn’t given it too much thought but I am not one to let a good dream go and it was always in the back of my mind.

Fast forward 10 years and that dream is becoming a reality!

Although I don’t take possession of my new store for another 5 months I am hoping my blog can create a little bit of community behind it…..I will post things such as inspiration, western style, interesting products, behind the scenes of developing my store, and some of my personal ramblings scattered throughout.

~ Kimberley