About Kimberley

My passion is to inspire fellow women living in rural settings to leverage their lifestyle to achieve their dreams and live a fulfilled life.


Small business owner. Mom. Wife. Book nerd. Lover of fresh air and the great outdoors.

I’ve created this blog not because I have “made it big” (because I haven’t), not because I know all the secrets to success (because I don’t), and not because I am perfect (because I am far, far from it).

Instead I have created this blog because I am in “the thick of it”. In the thick of building my business, working on achieving my goals, and finding the balance of working from home in a small rural town while also striving to be a good mom and supportive wife.

I am in the thick of my journey, where the lows can be very, very low and the highs….well they don’t always feel super high!

I hope to pass on the lessons I have learned and implemented and continue to learn while on my journey. And if I can inspire or connect with just one other person in the process that will be worth it all.




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