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Pack Your Suitcase Like A Boss

May long weekend is just around the corner and for many of you that means a nice family getaway!

A fabulous family getaway starts at home when we are packing our suitcase! All too often though, packing is the task we dread most when it comes to travelling. If we don’t plan out and pack properly we either end up not having what we need or most likely we have way too much and we end up lugging around a 120 lb bag on our trip!

Make your next trip far less stressful with this easy packing strategy!

I like to use the rule and when done right you will easily have a weeks worth of outfits ready to go without an overflowing bag!

Pack: 5 tops, 4 bottoms, 3 accessories, 2 shoes, and one bathing suit!

Ya ya, this may not be for everyone, but let me say, if you struggle with over packing and you are always overwhelmed with what to wear…..this strategy is golden!

Of course the type of clothes you pack will be determined on the type of trip you are going on, for simplicity we will stick to a casual family vacay. This is how I would pack.

may11 how to pack for vacation.jpg

Choose a colour palette and a variety of short, mid, and long sleeve tops.

By mixing and matching these items I can come up with a variety of cute outfits with very little fuss! Now I can spend more time enjoying my family and what we are doing and less time trying to figure out what to wear!

If you have a neat strategy for packing I want to know! Share below in the comments!