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Feeling Shitty

I had big plans to catch up on some work today but my body had other ideas. I woke up with a throbbing headache, my stomach was unsettled, and I felt like I was burning up.

So I rested instead.


It was super hard to just give myself permission to do nothing. Sometimes it is just a necessity.


Now I am even further behind but I am feeling a bit better.

We often take our health for granted and that’s a bad idea. I know better but it is still a struggle. It is just so easy to put ourselves last. To keep putting off self care. “I’ll start eating healthy next week” or “I’ll go to bed early tomorrow night”. I could go on and on but we all know how it goes.

It is days like today that remind me that I should be a priority. That my well being should be a priority.


But it isn’t that easy to just flip that switch. It takes hard work and a proper mindset. Especially when it comes to eating healthy and exercising.

I am definitely not going to sit here and say that tomorrow I am going to start doing those things.

I want to make some changes. I have recently made some changes but struggle to stick with it so I am not going to make any claims or announce anything I can’t follow up on.

The struggle is real and I know many can relate.

However I need to keep reminding myself…..

It would be awfully hard to achieve my goals and live my dreams if I am worn out, tired, and sick.

And not just on days like today when I am feeling shitty.

Everyday I need to remember that.

Anyhow……I did manage to get outside for a bit today and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. Thanks to my hubby for dragging me outside!

I snapped a few pics of some of the cattle we have for sale on our farm.Triple Play 18E.jpg

Triple Play 19E.jpg

Aren’t these girls so pretty? Haha. Definitely a switch up from all the clothes I have been photographing and posting lately!

It was good to catch some fresh air and feel the warmth from the sun (finally).

Since all I did today was look at my cows and lay on the couch there isn’t much more I can share.

Just remember, it’s okay to listen to your body and give yourself permission to have a rest day if you need it.

Guilt free!