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Friday Favourites

Wowwee, it’s been quite the week and boy are we excited that it is Friday! Things have been hopping at Dusty Road and I am so forever grateful for the support of each and everyone of you! I love, love, love what I do and I most certainly couldn’t do it without all of you fabulous DRB customers!

We are headed into Victoria Day weekend which hopefully means you get to spend lots of time with the special people in your life! If you happen to be headed out camping be sure to check out the yummy recipe down below…..everything tastes better cooked over a camp fire!

Here are a few of my favourite things from this week…..

Favourite Quote Sometimes life throws you curve balls when you least expect it and I firmly believe they come for a reason, even if we never fully understand why. It is those curve balls that you learn the most about yourself and what surrounds you. This quote describes it perfectly and came to me at the perfect time!

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 2.59.32 PM.png

Favorite Spring Nails I must confess that I do not currently get my nails done…..not that I don’t want to! When I am not working at DRB I am at home working on my farm in the manure and dirt and I feel like it would be a waste! Tell me what you think in the comments…..would these nails survive my farm life or should I not bother? I really think these ones are so cute and perfect for spring! Found on professionalnailss Instagram account.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 9.07.58 AM.png

Favourite Camping Recipe We are headed out camping this weekend and I think this recipe is a must try! Campfire Whiskey BBQ Chicken from Cooking with Janica

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 9.10.34 AM.png

Have an amazing long weekend! Enjoy yourself and be safe!!



Friday Favourites

We’ve made it to Friday and another edition of Friday Favourites where I get to share with you things that have garnered my attention and won my heart this week and beyond!
Favourite New Outfit I may be biased but I seriously had a hard time picking a favourite from our new arrivals this week but I seem to keep gravitating towards this one!

April17 2017 12.jpg

Garden Breeze Floral Print Tunic | Floral Button Earrings | Suki Mid Rise Boot Cut Jeans

Favourite Trifle I have been craving a trifle something fierce lately! I’ve followed the Chef In Training blog for about 5 or 6 years now and I am a huge fan so when I stumbled upon this Strawberry Shortcake Trifle I knew it had to be good! It’s the perfect spring dessert and would be great served for Mother’s Day (hint hint).

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 11.01.35 PM.png

Favourite Quote Sorry, not sorry! I am a quote junky and love to share the ones that mean the most to me. My only rule is I have to live by them not just admire them.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 11.05.44 PM.png

I hope you enjoyed today’s little round up!

If you think you have a better trifle than the one I found do me a HUGE favour and share it in the comments!!

Have a fabulous weekend.


Kimberley @ Dusty Road Boutique

Dusty Road; the store

I wish I still had the business plan I created for my Entrepreneurship class in high school, or at the very least I wish I could remember what name I had conjured up for it. Just to compare any similarities or perhaps to see how far out to lunch I was………I was (and still am) a big dreamer!

I started using the name Dusty Road when I first started delving into portrait photography but quickly dropped it for Kimberley Eklund Photography with advice from a mentor. I still loved the name though, probably because I actually live down a dusty gravel road myself!

The Dusty Road to me means rustic, country, and nostalgia…….which is also my vision for my store. It is a natural fit.

The Dusty Road ~ western wear, art, & gifts

My dusty road!

Aside from carrying the popular western apparel brands (and some non traditional brands as well), the Dusty Road will be a place to find quality products curated locally or as close to local as possible allowing visitors to find both special pieces for themselves and meaningful gifts for others.

My hope is to also create a place where visitors feel like hanging around for awhile, think good old fashioned, down-home hospitality.

Over the next 5 months and beyond I will continue to share some more of the behind the scenes……..ideas, inspiration, projects, and even some of the #fails! I would love to hear from you too. Your ideas, opinions, and thoughts…don’t be afraid to share them.

~ Kimberley