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I Made A Mistake

Today I have proven I am not responsible enough to make even mildly important decisions.

I let my child be on my Facebook live show.

What the “BLEEP” was I thinking?

. . .

Today was actually a moderately eventful day…..in my low low standards kind of way!

The highlight (excuse the super creepy snapchat filtered selfie)…..

I finally got my glasses fixed. And surprise surprise, I can see better. Who knew when your glasses are bent and crooked it would inhibit your vision……ya I’m probably the only dumb one that didn’t realize that!

My eyes got worse too which means time for some new glasses.

Tried a few on…..

Seriously, trying glasses on is NOT my favourite thing to do! You will have to wait and see if I picked any of these, but man oh man glasses aren’t cheap……especially when you have “coke bottle” lenses!

After some errands and a lunch date we were back home to take Liam to ball practice.

Storm clouds rolled in while we were there……always love the view of our grain elevator with storm clouds!

And then a few short hours later the damage…..

The results of my very poor decision to allow my son to join our weekly Facebook Live broadcast.

I was playing with fire and I didn’t even know it……man I am glad he only mildly embarrassed me!

If you dare watch it check out my Facebook page here.

Lesson learned. The hard way.

I hope you had a fabulous Tuesday!



Now I Am A Baseball Mom

It’s 11:47pm. I’m tired. I’m feeling under the weather. And I am paying for being a chronic procastinator.

When will I ever learn my lesson. Argh.


My to-do list was a little longer than the hours in the day and before I knew it 10:00pm rolled around and I still had pictures to edit and clothes to upload to the website for tomorrows new releases.

It’s all done and ready to go though! Can’t wait for you to seen the new styles this week!

It was a great day actually. We had some really nice rain showers move through and leave us some much needed moisture. I unpacked and restocked all of the clothes from the trade show. I even helped my hubby do some chores…..having him around all of the time sure is handy when it comes to chores! I used to have to do all of the morning chores by myself as he used to leave really early for work.

The highlight of the day was Liam’s first ball game of the year. So proud of him! This is his first time playing in a couple of years and also the first time playing in this age division. Tonight he hit a single and played second base. It was great to just unwind and enjoy watching the game!


And I love their little uniforms!! Growing up I played ball through almost every age group and we NEVER had real uniforms so a part of me is kind of jealous, haha.

But very thankful he gets the opportunity to experience it all!

I hope everyones Monday was amazing and not too “Monday-ish”!



Someone Was Oversensitive

So my kid was up way later than he should of been this evening.

(cue extreme whining and over sensitivity)


I will give him some credit though. He is extremely self aware, he asked me tonight while crying over something silly “why sometimes he randomly cries like that?”

Since I can eliminate teenage girl hormones from the equation (he is an 8-year old boy) I concluded and reassured him it was because he was overtired.

Which then led him to ask me why I don’t cry randomly like that.

Oh kid, you don’t even know!


Obviously today was a busy day hence the late bedtime.

It started out with a photoshoot for Dusty Road as we get new arrivals ready to go. Here are a few sneak peeks of some of my fav prints coming soon….IMG_2731.JPG.jpeg


I sure hope everyone loves pineapples and serape as much as I do!

Once we wrapped up the photoshoot I squeezed in as many packages as I could pack before the mail truck went through town.

One of the funnest things I get to do each week is coming up with names for all of the upcoming new arrivals. Sometimes I definitely feel more creative than other times but I hope people enjoy the fun names I give everything!

From work we moved to the ball diamonds for our son Liam’s ball practice. It wasn’t necessarily the warmest evening but man the sun sure felt great and the rain showers that have been moving through are greening up the grass nicely, giving everyone some hope for a better year than last years drought. When you live in a community that depends solely on agriculture the weather is a major deal.

While I was making supper tonight I let Liam open up an Amazon order that arrived today.IMG_2736.JPG

It had a few surprise goodies that I though he might like in it.



Stay tuned on our Facebook page……perhaps these games may make an appearance on our Facebook LIVE show on Tuesday nights (wink wink).

The board game may have also been the trigger of the emotional breakdown this evening….but we won’t go into detail.

That’s enough blabbing from me today….I hope your week is kicking butt so far and you are ready to finish it off super strong!