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How To Pick The Best Shorts

Shorts season is so close I can feel it! However, along with shorts season comes the insecurities of am I wearing the best style for me?

April18 how to pick the best shorts.jpg

First and foremost, the best shorts are the ones you feel confident and comfortable in. If you break the fashion “rules” but still feel fabulous, by all means keep feeling fabulous!!

For the rest of us who aren’t quite sure how to choose the best short for our body shape I break it down into a few quick tips.

Mid Thigh Shorts are Flattering On Most Body Shapes

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 9.56.13 PM.png

The 7-1/2″ to 9″ length shorts such as these bermudas are universally flattering for women! They are an especially great choice for petite woman, anything above the knee works great. Longer shorts and capris can make you look shorter.

Not So Confident About Showing The Legs

Capris are hugely popular for there comfort and coverage but they get a bad wrap as most of them are designed to stop mid calf like these….

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 10.16.57 PM.png

Unless you have long slender legs this can make your legs look shorter, or make your calves look heavier. The perfect length would be just above the calf, but they can be tough to find. Our solution is the adjust the length by either hemming or by folding up the bottoms to the desired length.

Best To Avoid

Wide leg and wide opening capris are so hard to wear, especially when they end at mid calf! We strongly recommend avoiding these!

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 10.25.33 PM.png

What about short shorts?

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 10.27.51 PM.png

If you are confident with showing off your legs we love the 3″ to 5″ inseam length! If you are concerned if they work for you we recommend them on leaner legs as they end mid thigh which can make your thighs look heavier. As we said earlier, if you are confident and comfortable in them, that is the style you should wear!


I hope this helps give you a bit more confidence that you are choosing the right fit for you and that you show off those legs this summer!


Kimberley @ Dusty Road Boutique

April18 how to pick the best shorts.jpg

Tuesday 10 – Outfit Inspiration

A bunch of new arrivals just landed at DRB and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on them and start styling new outfits!

Every Tuesday we hope to share with you some fresh new looks inspired by our newest arrivals… let’s get started!

  1. Soul Feathers Racer Tank

April17 2017 10.jpg

Style Ideas: Besides wearing it on it’s own this top would look seriously gorgeous under a denim jacket!

Why we love it: That gorgeous feather print in subtle pinks and greys!

2. Stained Glass Wishes Racer Tank

April18 2017 3.jpg

Style Ideas: Paired with blue denim capris you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous top!

Why we love it: The soft stained glass effect and those stunning colours had us at hello!

3. Wild & Free Racer Tank

April18 2017 4.jpg

Style Ideas: Pairs perfectly with anything for a casual fun look but we think the perfect match would be a favourite pair of denim shorts!

Why we love it: That feather dream catcher is so much fun!

4. Washed Away Racer Tank

April17 2017 20.jpg

Style Ideas: I don’t want to sound like a broken record but I think these tanks just pair so perfectly with denim (or pretty much anything)!

Why we love it: Pastel colours and the unique print!

5. Prism Reflections Racer Tank

April17 2017 15.jpg

Style Ideas: Another tank we think would like smoking hot under a denim jacket!

Why we love it: This print was a hot seller and we are excited to see it available as a tank!

6. Weekend Highlights Racer Tank

April18 2017 6.jpg

Style Ideas: Paired with light coloured pants or shorts for a super cute, fresh spring/summer look!

Why we love it: This fabric is so incredibly soft and comfortable to wear!

7. She’s A Wild One Racer Tank

April17 2017 14.jpg

Style Ideas: Anything goes with this fun top, make it the feature of your outfit!

Why we love it: The pop of colour mixed with the classic animal print is perfect for summer!

8. Hey Batter Batter Tanks

April18 20170 6.jpg

Style Ideas: How about a pair of sweats and baseball cleats 😉 Support your favourite team with these fun tanks!

Why we love it: We love baseball and cheering on our teams!

9. Colourful Cacti Dolman Sleeve Top

April17 2017 30.jpg

Style Ideas: Pair with your fav pair of blue jeans for a fun southern look!

Why we love it: The fun colourful print caught our eye!

10. Garden Breeze Floral Tunic

April17 2017 12.jpg

Style Ideas: The extra length plays well for pairing with your favourite skinny pants!

Why we love it: Possibly our most favourite floral print yet! Pictures don’t do it justice, it truly is gorgeous!

Kimberley @ Dusty Road Boutique

5 Items That Need To Be In Your Closet

There is loads of advice and recommendations as to what we should have in our closet and lets face it, it can be overwhelming.

I’ve waded through all the advice and narrowed it down to the top 5 things you absolutely MUST have in your closet!

  1. A black dress – the little black dress is iconic for a reason. It goes with everything and can be worn anywhere from formal to casual just add accessories!

April11 2017 6.jpg

We currently don’t carry this black dress BUT it is available for us to bring in! If you love it let us know in the comments!!

2. Beige undies – yah I know, beige is super boring! However, a set of beige undies is a must have to wear under those tops and bottoms that are a tad sheer and all white tops and bottoms!

April11 2017 7.png

3. A pair of perfectly fitting jeans – finding the perfect pair of jeans to flatter your unique shape can be a major challenge but it is so worth the search! If you can only splurge on one pair make it a dark wash as they are more suited to dressing semi-formal.

L93719SJL328 suki mid boot 2.jpg

4. Something that makes you feel sassy – and by sassy I meen uber confident and happy! This is the piece you reach for when the day isn’t quite going your way……throw it on and go conquer the world!

22925 so much attitude camo cut out top 2.jpg

5. Sweatpants – no explanation needed! Every girl needs a good pair of pants to chill in!

22673 camo lounge pants 1.jpg

Tell me what you think….what is your must have closet item?


Kimberley Eklund

Spring Style Forecast- Part 2

Continuing on from Part 1 of our Spring Style Forecast I have compiled a few more of this seasons hottest trends…..

Floral Prints

I thought floral was hot last year but we haven’t seen anything yet! Soft and subtle or bold and bright, floral prints are the HOTTEST trend of spring.

22956 vintage garden top white 1.jpg

Vintage Garden Top in White

Cold Shoulder

This trend has me so excited, there are so many gorgeous cold shoulder tops coming in! Style tip: pair a cold shoulder top with your favourite pair of jeans….hiding your legs when your baring your shoulders makes for a balanced, classy look and draws the attention upwards!

23670 from this moment sweater 1.jpg

From This Moment Top in Mauve


Stripes are proving to be a classic spring favourite and I love the twist that is popping up this spring combining stripes with floral prints!

23762 simple afternoon floral print tee 1.jpg

Simple Afternoon Floral Tee

Spring Style Forecast Recap

  1. Pantone’s Spring 2017 Colours
  2. Bell Sleeves & Ruffles
  3. Distressed Jeans
  4. Floral Prints
  5. Cold Shoulder Tops
  6. Stripes (mixed with floral)

Here’s to a fabulous and fashionable spring 2017!



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Tuesday 10 ~ Our Newest Arrivals

I am really excited to add this weekly feature to our blog to share the TEN newest arrivals that have landed at DRB.

We are working towards releasing all of our weekly arrivals on Tuesdays so even though today may be a recap of styles that have been recently posted next Tuesday will hopefully be a whole new slate of spring goodies! We are crossing our fingers that our next shipments get here in time!! We are expecting a few hiccups along the way before we get our timing right.

Regardless, I plan to highlight some of our hottest styles incorporated into outfits that will inspire you to dress for the seasons and beyond!

  1. Seize The Day Aztec Print Racer Tank

April4 2017 5.jpg

Style ideas: super diverse, this racer tank can be paired with your favourite jeans, capris, or shorts. On cooler days layer it under a solid coloured cardigan sweater, the gorgeous yet subtle aztec print and colours will shine through!

Why we love it: this top is so soft and comfortable and we adore the unique colour combination, it’s something you don’t see very often!

2. Sweet Day Floral Kimono Cardigan

April4 2017 2.jpg

Style Ideas: wear it with a black or grey cami for a crisp and clean look. Pair it with light denim for a fresh casual chic spring look.

Why we love it: the fun crocheted floral fringe and lightness of this top is so whimsical and fresh, perfect for the warmer weather we are anticipating.

3. Back To Basics Camisoles

23786 back to basics camisole.jpg

Style Ideas: the foundation to so many outfits, these camisoles are perfect for layering under sheer or light coloured tops, low cut tops where you want a little security, and under sweaters and cardigans!

Why we love it: super stretchy and easy to wear. A must have in every colour!

4. Style Me Plaid Top

April4 2017 6.jpg

Style Ideas: pair with dark denim for a smart look!

Why we love it: we haven’t quite moved on from the plaids this winter and this cute top does the trick!

5. Simple Afternoon Floral Tee

April4 2017 7.jpg

Style Ideas: wear it with light coloured pants or denim for a crisp cool look this spring and summer.

Why we love it: the combination of stripes and floral prints is super trendy and super duper cute!

6 & 7. Show Me The Way Arrow Print Racer Tank & Find The Way Aztec Print Racer Tank

April4 2017 8.jpg

Style ideas: rock these tanks and a pari of capris for a cool spring/summer look

Why we love them: these tanks are the SOFTEST and most comfortable tops ever! Topped off with gorgeous prints these tanks take the cake!

8. Just A Twist Fringe Wrap Sweater

April4 2017 FB9.jpg

Style Ideas: pair with a classic jean and a simple necklace for a gorgeous casual chic outfit.

Why we love it: flattering on almost every body type we have had so many customers come back raving about this top!

9. Simply Chic Top in Mint

23717 simply chic top in mint duo.jpg

Style Ideas: skinny jeans and a statement necklace look fabulous paired with cold shoulder top.

Why we love it: the added length makes it perfect to wear with skinnies or leggings.

10. Just For Frills in Black & Just For Frills in Ash Purple

23694 just for frills black duo.jpg

23687 just for frills ash purple duo.jpg

Style Ideas: Dress it up with a pair of dress pants or dark denim. Dress it casual with a pair of distressed jeans. Add a statement necklace to polish off the look!

Why we love it: we are diggin’ the open shoulder look and the subtle ruffle adds a touch of romance to the top, perfect for spring/summer!

We love to hear from you….let us know what your favourite Tuesday 10 style is in the comments!

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Kimberley Eklund