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Pack Your Suitcase Like A Boss

May long weekend is just around the corner and for many of you that means a nice family getaway!

A fabulous family getaway starts at home when we are packing our suitcase! All too often though, packing is the task we dread most when it comes to travelling. If we don’t plan out and pack properly we either end up not having what we need or most likely we have way too much and we end up lugging around a 120 lb bag on our trip!

Make your next trip far less stressful with this easy packing strategy!

I like to use the rule and when done right you will easily have a weeks worth of outfits ready to go without an overflowing bag!

Pack: 5 tops, 4 bottoms, 3 accessories, 2 shoes, and one bathing suit!

Ya ya, this may not be for everyone, but let me say, if you struggle with over packing and you are always overwhelmed with what to wear…..this strategy is golden!

Of course the type of clothes you pack will be determined on the type of trip you are going on, for simplicity we will stick to a casual family vacay. This is how I would pack.

may11 how to pack for vacation.jpg

Choose a colour palette and a variety of short, mid, and long sleeve tops.

By mixing and matching these items I can come up with a variety of cute outfits with very little fuss! Now I can spend more time enjoying my family and what we are doing and less time trying to figure out what to wear!

If you have a neat strategy for packing I want to know! Share below in the comments!




Dress Casual Chic With Ease

I just love the casual chic look.

It accentuates who I am, a country girl with a touch of flair. If you have followed DRB for a bit now you have probably noticed that our clothing and accessories are also a reflection of the casual chic country lifestyle.

Casual chic is all about mixing casual and dressy pieces into one pulled together outfit! This includes your accessories, shoes, and hand bags which can all be mixed and matched to create your own unique style!

A classic casual chic look is the white tee/jean look. Throw in a classy pair of heels or flats and some gorgeous sparkling earrings to pull it together.

May4 casual chic style 1.jpg

Mix up your work and play clothes. Wear a dressy blazer with your favourite pair of weekend jeans!

May4 casual chic style 2.jpg

Use accessories to add pops of colour! Pull a colour from a printed top and use it in your shoes or a bag.

may4 casual chic style 4.jpg

Choose contrasting pieces, like this pretty ruffled blouse with a pair of distressed jeans.

May4 casual chic style 3.jpg


Casual chic should look “effortless” so if you feel like you are over the top you are probably right! Take a step back and see what you can take away from the outfit to make it look more natural.

When it comes to accessories less is more! Choose one statement piece, a nice stand out necklace, gorgeous drop earrings, or stacked bracelets. But choose just one stand out and let the rest stand in the background or don’t wear the others at all.

Now that you have permission and the tools to dress casual yet still look fabulous and pulled together you better get going through your closet and see what you can come up with! Mix and match, experiment and try it all on. I am betting you have more than you think!



Spring Outfit Ideas

I have quickly began anticipating these days with great excitement as this is our third week of releasing new arrivals exclusively on Tuesdays! I can never wait to get my hands on the new styles and start designing outfits that will hopefully inspire you…..whether you add a new piece to your wardrobe or use these examples to inspire outfits you already own, it gives me so much joy to be able to help you look and feel fabulous!

Floral Twist Top in Black & Floral Twist Top in Navy
May2 2017 11.jpg

May2 2017 10.jpg

Style Ideas: Rock this top with your favourite pair of denim of any length for a fun casual chic look!

Why we love it: It’s our best selling style in two new colours, and they don’t disappoint! These tops of incredibly soft and comfortable to wear and the cut is so flattering yet unique.

2. Out And About Floral Tank

May2 2017 8.jpg

Style Ideas: We’ve paired this top with a cool pair of faded jeans BUT the added length plays well with leggings or skinny jeans as well!

Why we love it: Navy and red goes so well together and we are lovin’ the unique floral print! The fabric is so soft and comfy you could live in this top day in and day out!

3. Boho Cow Skull Tank

May2 2017 boho cow skull 1.jpg

Style Ideas: Of course this tank can be worn with basically anything but we think it is extra awesome paired with a pair of distressed jeans!

Why we love it: We have always loved the boho style and it is right up front and mainstream right now!

4. Simple Blooms Floral Tank in Coral

May2 2017 4.jpg

Style Ideas: Throw on your favourite pair of jean shorts and you are ready for a gorgeous spring or summer day!

Why we love it: We adore this floral print and love the balance of the solid coral on the front.

5. The Everyday Cardigan in Gray

May2 2017 everyday cardigan 3.jpg

Style Ideas: When the day cools down this is the top you are going to want to grab! Looks fabulous with any tank or tee!!

Why we love it: It’s so diverse and the pockets just make it that much for cozy and fun!


Thats a wrap on todays outfits! If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments!



Dress To Hide Your Flaws

Our personal style is what we feel confident and comfortable in……and for most of us this includes choosing clothing that minimizes our “flaws” and accentuates our assets.

april27 2017 1.jpg

Our bodies are beautiful regardless of size or shape and we should celebrate that! Reality is, and I see it everyday when women are shopping, that we all have areas of our bodies we would like to minimize. We unfortunately obsess over those those areas rather than focus on our assets which does nothing for our self confidence.

Let’s tackle those problem areas so you no longer have to waste time pondering on them. Clothes that minimize the “flaws” will make you feel good and more confident, allowing your true beauty to shine!

april27 2017 2.jpg

Here are 8 common issues women have expressed when shopping for clothes and the solutions to minimize them.

  1. Thick Neck

Avoid: Tops with round necklines and short necklaces as they will accentuate the thickness. Scarves will also make your neck look thicker.

What to wear: Tops with open collars and deep, narrow v-necks will elongate your neck.

23779 style me plaid top in red 1.jpg

2. Broad Shoulders

Avoid: Stay away from tops with shoulder details, wide boat necks, and strapless tops which will bring all of the attention to your shoulders.

What to wear: Find tops that are dolman sleeve or raglan sleeve which give the illusion of minimizing shoulders. V-neck tops or long necklaces draw the attention to the centre thus breaking up the width of the shoulder.

23854 colorful cacti dolman sleeve top 1.jpg

3. Small Bust

Avoid: Tops with open or deep necklines with draw the attention to the bust.

What to wear: Tops with pockets, ruffles, or other textures will add bulk to the bust area. Prints with horizontal lines or any patterns will give the illusion of fullness. Layer up your clothes and choose looser fitting styles.

24011 love always floral print cold shoulder top in black 1.jpg

4. Full Bust

Avoid: Tops with high necklines will accentuate and elongate the bust area. Tops that have a lot of print, ruffles, pockets, etc add bulk to the bust.

What to wear: Open or v-neck tops will elongate the neck and break up the fullness of a bust.

april27 2017 4.jpg

5. Short Waisted

Avoid: Steer clear of cropped and short jackets and tops as they will just highlight a short waist. High waisted bottoms and wide belts will shorten your waist even more.

What to wear: Choose hip length or longer tops and jackets to five the illusion of a long waist. Diagonal cut tops and prints will also play up the illusion of a longer waist.

23724 just a twist wrap sweater 2.jpg

6. Wide Hips

Avoid: Tops that gather at the waistline will add bulk to the hip area. Pleated pants will draw attention and widen the hips. Embellished pockets and printed pants or skirts draw the eye to the hip area and add and illusion of a larger hip.

What to wear: Tops that don’t fall at the hip area, choose ones that are either longer or shorter. A-line skirts and dresses will draw the attention away from the hip area.

april27 2017 6.jpg

7. Heavy Thighs

Avoid: Anything that is really tight such as leggings and skinny jeans. Short skirts and shorts will also make thighs look heavier.

What to wear: Dress up your top to bring the attention upwards. A-line skirts and dresses are great to hide heavier thighs.

April27 2017 7.jpg

8. Short Legs

Avoid: Long, full skirts and dresses, wide legged pants, and cuffed pants will all widen out and put emphasis on a shorter leg. Long tops and jackets will hide the legs and make them look even shorter.

What to wear: Shorts, skirts, and dresses that hit above your knee will elongate the legs. Cropped jackets and shorter tops will draw the eye upward and elongate the body.

april27 2017 8.jpg

april27 2017 9.jpg

A positive self image and feeling good about yourself is good for our soul and the clothing we wear plays a huge role in that. I hope you picked up at least one tip that will help in choosing clothes that you love and feel good in!


Kimberley Eklund


Fresh Looks ~ Outfit Inspiration

Each Tuesday we introduce our newest arrivals at DRB and share fresh new looks featuring all of them!

  1. Passing Time Floral Print Tee

April25 2017 11.jpg

Style Ideas: Wear this cute top with pretty much anything! Run errand with it and your fav jeans or capris. Chill with it and a pair of cute shorts. The options are endless!

Why we love it: It’s casual yet super cute and trendy! I am a sucker for that faded vintage look, and this tee is very much all of that!

2. I’m In Charge Camo Cold Shoulder Knot Top

April25 2017 12.jpg

Style Ideas: We love it paired with light coloured moto leggings BUT this top would also look awesome with a pair of distressed skinny jeans!

Why we love it: The combo of so many hot trends; camo, cold shoulder, and the knot!

3. Fun & Flirty Tank in Coral

April25 2017 13.jpg

Style Ideas: Dress it casual with a pair of capris or dress it up with a pair of black dress pants!

Why we love it: The lace dresses this top up and makes it so versatile!

4. Love Always Floral Print Open Shoulder Top

April25 2017 16.jpg

Style Ideas: Pair this top with a pair of distressed denim jeans for the ultimate casual chic look!

Why we love it: This is my personal favourite new arrival this week. I love, love the cut out shoulders, the flowing bell sleeves, and the extra length this top has! I felt amazing when I was wearing this top!!

5. Touch of Innocence Top in Peach

April25 2017 17.jpg

Style Ideas: Another awesome diverse top that you could pair with almost anything. I really love it with denim capris for a fun, casual spring/summer look!

Why we love it: The crocheted shoulders are super fun and add a flair of romance to this cute top!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks new arrivals and have found a little bit of inspiration for your spring wardrobe!