I Quit

I quit procrastinating on getting back to blogging that is!


Argh, I have missed this so much. I had full intentions of keeping up on my bloggin’ through our big move across the province but that didn’t happen. I put a lot of pressure and expectations on myself so I’m not going to lie I am disappointed  in myself for not following through.

I was, however, not expecting the mental and emotional overwhelm but it slowly crept in and something had to give. I am quite easily overwhelmed, something I need to work on. I am a keep it simple kind of girl so I am always looking for that fine balance of working towards by goals and not biting off more than I can chew.

But I have so much I want to share from my experiences with my business, being a wife, a mother and a goal chaser…..always working to be just a little bit better than I was yesterday.

Just like when I started the blog earlier this year, my hopes in sharing my story and journey will offer my readers a little inspiration mixed in with a little humour, some tears, and hopefully a little bit of entertainment {at my expense of course}.

Catching Up

We are now partially settled into our new home. We really love it here. The community has been very welcoming and hospitable….a true small prairie town!

I say we are partially settled because errr we still have a room full of things to unpack, a trailer FULL of things to unpack, and at least one more trailer load left to haul from our farm.

This has been an enormous change for us but one thing that is fantastic is that we have been blessed to have found an acreage that offers us that same “farm” life we had before.  Minus the cows of course, but it gives us the opportunity to get back into them in the future if we want!

I do miss the rolling hills of home but the view from our new home is still pretty great!IMG_3158.JPG.jpeg


One last change or rather addition.


Meet Goldie! She is the new queen of our castle and is such a doll. A smarty pants, she was housebroke in a week! Her favourite past times are dive bombing dandelions and spreading the seeds everywhere and playing in puddles and getting covered in mud.

I hope you enjoy pursuing my blog, if this is the first visit feel free to take some time to catch up on some of my older posts and join me back here tomorrow for more!




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