Fears to Freedom

“We grow fearless by walking into our own fears” – Robin Sharma

Fear can choke all of the light, fun, and opportunities from our life. It can be as little as a fear of bugs (ahem, Liam) that keeps you from enjoying the beautiful spring weather to its fullest. Or as big as a fear of failure that keeps you from acting on your lifelong dream.

I am just as guilty as the next person when it comes to possessing fears but over the years I have figured out ways to overcome them and believe it or not it is pretty simple!

In theory, anyway!

It starts with being self aware…..sometimes we don’t even realize a fear is holding us back. And once you have it pegged, you tackle it head on by facing that fear. And facing it over and over and over again if necessary. Before long that fear goes away and an amazing feeling takes it’s place…..freedom!

If you struggle with self awareness I HIGHLY recommend journaling. Being honest with yourself and putting your thoughts to paper does amazing things including unmasking problems and more often than not resolutions to those problems. It’s great therapy.

And now to what got me thinking about fears…..

Today was a full day of farm work including a whole lot of sunshine and a little bit of fencing in the pastures.




Oh and the wood ticks are out.


I was walking the fence line today looking for broken wires and missing staples and it wasn’t until I got back into the truck that it even dawned on me that wood ticks would be out now.

Seventeen wood ticks later. Crawling in all nooks and crannies of my body…..yup wood ticks are in full force and blood thirsty. Thankfully none of them had me for lunch today!

I know a lot of people are grossed out by ticks but oddly enough they don’t bother me at all. Liam on the other hand. The fear is real.

It had me thinking as to why I am not scared of them and it all goes back to facing your fears head on. I decided WAY back in the day to not be afraid of them, to not freak out when I found one (or twenty) on me, to not panic if one was biting me/my kid/my animals and just deal with it.

A few wood ticks were definitely not going to stop me from enjoying an amazing day and getting a little bit of work done!

What fear are you going to overcome this week?

You’ve got this!



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