A Crazy Day

I have all kinds of feelings happening at the end of this very long day.

For starters I am exhausted!

Here I am at 5:30am…..looking rather un-chipper, haha.


It was an amazing, fulfilling, and rewarding day spent at the Ladybug trade show where we did a pop up shop.


Finally had time to snap some pictures at the end of the tradeshow……..after a good portion of our tops were sold out or almost sold out!!

In the past four years since I opened my store I have never been so busy or overwhelmed with gratefulness as I was today! To be able to go to a different town and set up shop and have that much support of my little boutique……there is really no words to describe it besides gratitude!


I am also extremely thankful for the expert help I had today, thanks a million Tara!!

This new trade show gig may not be so bad!


Now that the first two shows are under my belt I think I can start looking for more……stay tuned for more locations and dates!

Thanks again to everyone who stopped and shopped today.

I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend and enjoying the gorgeous weather.



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