How I Meal Plan {and what we are eating this week}

Sunday is my planning day.

The main thing I plan for the week ahead is meals.

There are so many reasons that I do this……

  • saves me time & headache from trying to figure out whats for supper each night
  • I can shop all at once and know I have the ingredients I need for the entire week
  • Knowing what’s for supper ahead of time keeps me from snacking as often throughout the day, not sure why but it does
  • saves me money at the grocery store since I am buying exactly what I need and not filling my cart with random things. Also keeps me from buying expensive pre-packaged meals (although I do this on purpose from time to time)
  • saves me money as we don’t eat out or order in as often
  • we tend to make better food choices and eat more well rounded meals, although I am far from perfect at this even with meal planning

My disclaimer before I share how I meal plan. My meal planning is not fancy. I don’t have a high tech system or fancy paper or a fancy chalkboard chart in my house. It’s literally a scrap paper and a pen. I have been doing this quite faithfully for over 10 years now and it totally works for me!

This is what this weeks meal plan looks like…..


I only plan out the suppers as lunch is pretty basic around here and supper always seems to be the battle.

Typically I will plan out for the full 7 days unless I know for sure we will be away. If we end up changing plans on a certain night then I just bump my meals back a day. I am pretty chill with my plan. I definitely don’t stress about it. Some weeks get pretty bat shit crazy and we end up bumping 3 or 4 meals into the next week. That just means I have less to plan next week!

I start by writing out the days and then I go to Pinterest where I save all of my favourite recipes and just pick what I feel like for that week!

{check out my Family Friendly Supper Ideas Pinterest board here}

I write the recipe name down and the website it came from beside. Then I jot down the groceries I will need on another piece of scrap paper I can take to the store.

When it comes time to make the meal I just google the recipe name followed by the website and bam, it’s there in 5 seconds. No need to print out recipes and have a cluttered mess. I’ve tried it in the past and leaving the recipes to live on the internet is much, much easier for me!

Perhaps some day I will copy down the absolute best ones. Maybe.

Once I get the main dish figured out I will add a side dish or two and add that to the grocery list as well.

And that’s all there is to it!

One BIG thing I don’t have to fuss over for the week. Finding the time to actually cook the meals……that’s another story!

Here are the links to the meals we are eating this week:

If you are a meal planner I would love to hear how you do it! And if you aren’t perhaps I can inspire you to try it for a week!

Have a great day.




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