I Am Such an Idiot (and some sneak peeks)

Since I spent most of my day yesterday trying not to get burnt by all of the little fires I had going on I fell behind on all the “everyday” tasks I was supposed to get done.

Good thing for the weekend, ha!

Today was officially dubbed “catch up day”. 17a904e23edaf3f01b7064d3faa13776.jpg

My main focus was getting all of the new arrivals for next week ready for their debut. I headed into the shop (aka warehouse) to style some outfits and take some pictures of the floor layouts.

Kind of like this (cue sneak peek #1)…..IMG_2678.JPG

I cranked up the music and got some work done!

I was kicking butt and crossing things off my to-do list. Or so I thought.

Once I was all done at the shop I headed home to edit pics and start uploading the new arrivals.

And then I was reminded of just how dysfunctional my memory is.

My mind has been on overload and anyone who has spent even a little bit of time with me lately can attest to my extreme forgetfulness lately. It’s bad. Like real bad.

I was missing pictures on my camera. Actually, they were never there to begin with. I had laid out the outfits all nice and pretty. Then FORGOT to take the pictures.

It only took a moments distraction….literally. And I completely lost track of what I was doing and forgot to do it.d282d1f5adb57838ca3ea9fb05f219bb.jpg


I may have called myself an idiot a couple of times.

And I definitely have caused myself some extra work. I just need to remember to slow down a bit and smell the roses. Our brains can only handle so much.

Luckily I did grab a few cell phone shots of some layouts, so here are a few more sneak peeks of whats new next week….IMG_2679.JPGIMG_2680.JPGI don’t normally show this many sneaks but I need to prove I actually did some work today, haha!

I hope you are having a much more “memorable” weekend than me!





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