I Turned Into An Evil B!%#H


The day started out great. I was in a great mood.

Then afternoon hit and like a switch was flipped I turned into an evil b!%#h.

Yup, I freely admit I can get awfully grumpy. To the point I don’t even enjoy being around myself, ha! My fuse is short, my patience is thin, and my space is off limits.


I am blaming it on lack of sleep and just being overwhelmed with all that is going on, mixed in with a crappy diet and out of whack hormones.

But I HATE excuses.

And I also believe in taking accountability for your actions and that no matter what you have a CHOICE on how you behave and react.

You MUST be self aware.


So my take away from my bad attitude today is that I need to work a lot harder on being in the moment and not reacting mindlessly.

Rather than allow my current emotions to dictate my response I need to be more present  and mindful and choose a better option…..and consider the other person in the process.


And if that doesn’t work. Go have a nap!






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