My Groundbreaking Discovery

I’ve made a massive discovery.

It’s revolutionary really.

I have discovered…….

(cue the drum roll)

The current state of our desktop is a direct reflection of our life.



Well it certainly applies to me anyway, haha. Yup. My life is crazy, full, completely disorganized chaos!

Things are overlapping each other and there is hardly room for anything else.


Thankfully it only took a couple of minutes to organize and tidy up my desktop. Of course it may take a bit longer to “straighten up” my actual life but in all honesty if I take a second to sit back and look at the big picture it’s not as complicated as it feels, it just needs a little sorting out. And there is a lot, I mean a lot, to be thankful for!

On another note……

it’s okay to have waffles for supper right?



It seems to be an on going argument in our household and I am being outvoted 2-1.

But as long as I am the “cook” I get the last word and it was waffles for supper tonight, ha!

I hope your day is amazing and don’t forget, “you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”



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