Why I Really Closed The Store Front

This is hard to share but important to set the scene of where I currently am on my journey…….


My husband was let go from his job.

Okay, that is not the only reason I came to the decision to close the Dusty Road Boutique store front location.

But let me tell you, when your husband suddenly and unexpectedly loses his job of 9 years. A job he loved and was very passionate about.  You end up doing a lot of soul searching.

4 years ago when I jumped head first into the retail business with literally no experience just a dream and a positive attitude I had no clue where it would take me. I knew I wanted to build an online store, when you live in a small very rural community your customer base for a retail store, especially a more niche store like mine, is pretty darn small. Opening up the online store to the entire country meant opening it up to millions of potential customers.


So I did it.

Again, with no experience whatsoever I learnt as I went (and I am still learning and will never stop learning).

I also haven’t paid myself a dime. Every single penny from the last four years has gone directly back to growing the business into my dream. And I am 100% okay with that. I planned for that.

I was also blessed to be able to do that because my husbands career luckily was able to support us. We also have a small farm we juggle between our jobs which provided a little extra income.

Last June the online store really started growing and picking up some steam and it quickly started out performing my store front location. I was starting to achieve some of the goals and I was starting to make new, more lofty goals.

I was also, in the back of my mind, thinking I could use my resources a little more wisely if I didn’t have my store front location.

On paper it was the smart thing to do. But in my heart I wasn’t sure what to do.

I didn’t want to take another business away from my little small town. I love small prairie towns and frankly there isn’t a lot to them anymore but every once in a while you can find small hidden gems in them and I was hoping Dusty Road was one of them.

I also was worried about what people would think. I was afraid they would judge me. That they wouldn’t understand, they would only see the surface and would think I was a failure.

When you start a business, especially an online business you must have a thick skin. And I do. But when it is your peers “judging” you it digs into that thick skin a little more than usual.

I kept trucking on but the internal battle in my head raged, should I keep the store open or should I just go online?

And then my husband got the news and our lives were completely flipped upside down. It’s a feeling I know some can relate to, and if you can’t I hope you don’t ever have to!

It sucks. But we are taking it as an opportunity to really figure out what we want in life. We have hashed out all of our options, talked about all of our goals, and considered all of our priorities.

A lot of soul searching has been happening. And I think we’ve learned a little more about ourselves from the process.

My husband really wants to stay on his career path and I commend him for that. In order to do that we may have to relocate.

<deep breath>

Thats big. Thats kind of scary. Thats kind of exciting too.

And it also gave me a new outlook on the future of Dusty Road. The battle in my mind became a little more clear. The potential to have to relocate made me think I needed to make my business more mobile. That’s the beauty of an online store.

It still wasn’t easy but once I make up my mind I don’t look back.

I decided what was best for myself and my family and smartest for the business was to close the store front and focus on the online store.

The vision and goal of Dusty Road has not changed. I have already had so many people reach out to me with trade show, pop up, and collaboration opportunities.

Letting go of the store front has been somewhat of a freeing experience. When one door closes another door opens…..sometimes several doors!

As I write this I have no clue where this adventure is going to take us. Literally and figuratively. It’s stressful and scary but I am making peace with the unknown.

One thing is for sure, I will always be moving forward. Always learning and growing and improving.


I take pride in always trying to find a positive in every situation. That everything “bad” is an opportunity for good. I like to make lemonade out of lemons!

And I am super excited for the future of Dusty Road!!





4 thoughts on “Why I Really Closed The Store Front

  1. Rachelle Randall

    Amen sister… closing my store has been more freeing then I thought it would be. Stay positive!!!

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