Friday Favourites

Wow the weekend is already here! It is a special one since it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday….and I get to spend it with my family doing something we all love doing together, exhibiting at a cattle show! I personally can’t think of anything better, except maybe today’s Friday Favourites!

Favourite Mother’s Day DIY Gift this looks like such a fun project from Craft Cuts for those who love to create!

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 4.32.18 PM.png

Favourite Recipe My Nana got me hooked on bean salads and I haven’t looked back. I am planning on trying this recipe from Mom On Time Out very soon!

may12 three bean salad.jpg

Favourite Saying I’m not sure the where I found this pretty print as I have had it on my computer for awhile but I just had to share! may12 home is where mom is.png

I hope you have enjoyed my little round up of things I love and that you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy Mother’s Day, whether you are a Mom, an Honorary Mom, or you are celebrating your Mom!!




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