How To Pick The Best Shorts

Shorts season is so close I can feel it! However, along with shorts season comes the insecurities of am I wearing the best style for me?

April18 how to pick the best shorts.jpg

First and foremost, the best shorts are the ones you feel confident and comfortable in. If you break the fashion “rules” but still feel fabulous, by all means keep feeling fabulous!!

For the rest of us who aren’t quite sure how to choose the best short for our body shape I break it down into a few quick tips.

Mid Thigh Shorts are Flattering On Most Body Shapes

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 9.56.13 PM.png

The 7-1/2″ to 9″ length shorts such as these bermudas are universally flattering for women! They are an especially great choice for petite woman, anything above the knee works great. Longer shorts and capris can make you look shorter.

Not So Confident About Showing The Legs

Capris are hugely popular for there comfort and coverage but they get a bad wrap as most of them are designed to stop mid calf like these….

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 10.16.57 PM.png

Unless you have long slender legs this can make your legs look shorter, or make your calves look heavier. The perfect length would be just above the calf, but they can be tough to find. Our solution is the adjust the length by either hemming or by folding up the bottoms to the desired length.

Best To Avoid

Wide leg and wide opening capris are so hard to wear, especially when they end at mid calf! We strongly recommend avoiding these!

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 10.25.33 PM.png

What about short shorts?

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 10.27.51 PM.png

If you are confident with showing off your legs we love the 3″ to 5″ inseam length! If you are concerned if they work for you we recommend them on leaner legs as they end mid thigh which can make your thighs look heavier. As we said earlier, if you are confident and comfortable in them, that is the style you should wear!


I hope this helps give you a bit more confidence that you are choosing the right fit for you and that you show off those legs this summer!


Kimberley @ Dusty Road Boutique

April18 how to pick the best shorts.jpg

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