Tuesday 10 – Outfit Inspiration

A bunch of new arrivals just landed at DRB and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on them and start styling new outfits!

Every Tuesday we hope to share with you some fresh new looks inspired by our newest arrivals…..so let’s get started!

  1. Soul Feathers Racer Tank

April17 2017 10.jpg

Style Ideas: Besides wearing it on it’s own this top would look seriously gorgeous under a denim jacket!

Why we love it: That gorgeous feather print in subtle pinks and greys!

2. Stained Glass Wishes Racer Tank

April18 2017 3.jpg

Style Ideas: Paired with blue denim capris you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous top!

Why we love it: The soft stained glass effect and those stunning colours had us at hello!

3. Wild & Free Racer Tank

April18 2017 4.jpg

Style Ideas: Pairs perfectly with anything for a casual fun look but we think the perfect match would be a favourite pair of denim shorts!

Why we love it: That feather dream catcher is so much fun!

4. Washed Away Racer Tank

April17 2017 20.jpg

Style Ideas: I don’t want to sound like a broken record but I think these tanks just pair so perfectly with denim (or pretty much anything)!

Why we love it: Pastel colours and the unique print!

5. Prism Reflections Racer Tank

April17 2017 15.jpg

Style Ideas: Another tank we think would like smoking hot under a denim jacket!

Why we love it: This print was a hot seller and we are excited to see it available as a tank!

6. Weekend Highlights Racer Tank

April18 2017 6.jpg

Style Ideas: Paired with light coloured pants or shorts for a super cute, fresh spring/summer look!

Why we love it: This fabric is so incredibly soft and comfortable to wear!

7. She’s A Wild One Racer Tank

April17 2017 14.jpg

Style Ideas: Anything goes with this fun top, make it the feature of your outfit!

Why we love it: The pop of colour mixed with the classic animal print is perfect for summer!

8. Hey Batter Batter Tanks

April18 20170 6.jpg

Style Ideas: How about a pair of sweats and baseball cleats 😉 Support your favourite team with these fun tanks!

Why we love it: We love baseball and cheering on our teams!

9. Colourful Cacti Dolman Sleeve Top

April17 2017 30.jpg

Style Ideas: Pair with your fav pair of blue jeans for a fun southern look!

Why we love it: The fun colourful print caught our eye!

10. Garden Breeze Floral Tunic

April17 2017 12.jpg

Style Ideas: The extra length plays well for pairing with your favourite skinny pants!

Why we love it: Possibly our most favourite floral print yet! Pictures don’t do it justice, it truly is gorgeous!

Kimberley @ Dusty Road Boutique

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