Friday Favourites

This is quickly becoming my favourite weekly blog post…..I can’t wait until Friday rolls around and I get to share some of my fav things with you again!!

It’s only fitting that being it is Easter that I share some of my most favourite Easter themed things!

Tulips My second most favourite garden flower (Lilies are my first)! They are some of toughest flowers I know, popping up through the nearly frozen ground and showing their beauty before any of the other flowers in the garden.

april12 2017 4.jpg

Tie Dye Easter Eggs These are THE BOMB! If you are going to dye Easter Eggs this year you might as well make them tie dye!! I am really hoping to find the time this weekend to actually do this….looks messy but do-able. Try them yourself, find out how at One Little Project At A Time.april12 2017 5.jpg

Easter Egg Cookie Pizza The cookie pizza idea is super fun…..I “stole” the recipe from my sister who is a top notch baker! If you want the recipe let me know in the comments, if enough are interested I will share it on the blog next week!! April12 2017 6.jpg

**The cookie pizza pic was taken before I baked it to show off all the pretty toppings!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks favourites and that you have a fabulous Easter weekend!



PS. Follow me on snapchat for lots of behind the scenes and more @kimberleyeklund I may just attempt those tie dye eggs, and thats bound to get interesting!!

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