5 Items That Need To Be In Your Closet

There is loads of advice and recommendations as to what we should have in our closet and lets face it, it can be overwhelming.

I’ve waded through all the advice and narrowed it down to the top 5 things you absolutely MUST have in your closet!

  1. A black dress – the little black dress is iconic for a reason. It goes with everything and can be worn anywhere from formal to casual just add accessories!

April11 2017 6.jpg

We currently don’t carry this black dress BUT it is available for us to bring in! If you love it let us know in the comments!!

2. Beige undies – yah I know, beige is super boring! However, a set of beige undies is a must have to wear under those tops and bottoms that are a tad sheer and all white tops and bottoms!

April11 2017 7.png

3. A pair of perfectly fitting jeans – finding the perfect pair of jeans to flatter your unique shape can be a major challenge but it is so worth the search! If you can only splurge on one pair make it a dark wash as they are more suited to dressing semi-formal.

L93719SJL328 suki mid boot 2.jpg

4. Something that makes you feel sassy – and by sassy I meen uber confident and happy! This is the piece you reach for when the day isn’t quite going your way……throw it on and go conquer the world!

22925 so much attitude camo cut out top 2.jpg

5. Sweatpants – no explanation needed! Every girl needs a good pair of pants to chill in!

22673 camo lounge pants 1.jpg

Tell me what you think….what is your must have closet item?


Kimberley Eklund

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