Friday Favourites

I’m back with another collection of random things that have captured my heart and attention this week!

Favourite Accessory Beth from Rustic Rose Jewelry in Alberta reached out to me to take a look at her jewelry and I fell head over heels for it AND am excited to be bringing it to DRB! It will be making it’s debut very soon, in the meantime I am crushing on this gorgeous dream catcher necklace from her!

April7 2017 1.jpg

Favourite Food A while back I hosted a Pampered Chef party and the presenter made the most delish Hamburger Salad ever. Unfortunately over time I lost the recipe so I was thrilled when I stumbled upon Pioneer Woman’s Cheeseburger Salad and in a full circle moment seen that she had adapted it from the Pampered Chef recipe! It is a staple salad in our house!

April7 2017 2.jpg

Favourite Wall Gallery I am obsessed with decorating with portraits and pictures that I have taken myself and have an entire pinterest collection dedicated to hoarding wall gallery inspiration. With that said, my all time favourite wall gallery is one I did myself and adorns my living room wall!

April7 2017 3.jpg

Favourite Belly Laugh Oh my word, my husband shared this video with me and I laughed until tears were rolling down my face. It had me from the start but at 1:40 it tipped me over the edge! So funny!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks round-up and that you have an amazing April weekend!



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