Dusty Road; the store

I wish I still had the business plan I created for my Entrepreneurship class in high school, or at the very least I wish I could remember what name I had conjured up for it. Just to compare any similarities or perhaps to see how far out to lunch I was………I was (and still am) a big dreamer!

I started using the name Dusty Road when I first started delving into portrait photography but quickly dropped it for Kimberley Eklund Photography with advice from a mentor. I still loved the name though, probably because I actually live down a dusty gravel road myself!

The Dusty Road to me means rustic, country, and nostalgia…….which is also my vision for my store. It is a natural fit.

The Dusty Road ~ western wear, art, & gifts

My dusty road!

Aside from carrying the popular western apparel brands (and some non traditional brands as well), the Dusty Road will be a place to find quality products curated locally or as close to local as possible allowing visitors to find both special pieces for themselves and meaningful gifts for others.

My hope is to also create a place where visitors feel like hanging around for awhile, think good old fashioned, down-home hospitality.

Over the next 5 months and beyond I will continue to share some more of the behind the scenes……..ideas, inspiration, projects, and even some of the #fails! I would love to hear from you too. Your ideas, opinions, and thoughts…don’t be afraid to share them.

~ Kimberley

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